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Events 2014 


Fri Feb 28 Equestrian Auction  Completed
Sun  16 March Hunter Trials  Results
Sun 13 April Showing Show  Results
Sat 3 May Eventers Challenge  Results
May 19 - 22 Member's Camp at Stockland Lovell  Going Ahead
Sun 25 May Annual Show (SJ/Showing/WH)  Results
Sun 22 June Dressage Day  Results
Sun 6 July Area Show Jumping (incl.unaffiliated classes)  Going Ahead
Sun 24 August One Day Event  Results
Sun 7 September Derby Show (Nov/Int/Open)  Results
Sun 21 September Autumn Hunter Trials   Going Ahead
Sun 14th April  2013  Eventers' Challenge  Results
Sun 21st April  Showing Show  Going Ahead
Sun 19th May  Annual Show  Results
May 14th - 17th  Member's  Camp at Stockland Lovell  Enjoyed by All  
Sun 23rd June  Dressage Day   Results
Sun 7 July  Show Jumping Show  Results
Sun 18th August  Show Jumping Show   Results
Sun 25th August   One Day Event   Results
Sun 8th September  Derby Show  Results
Sun 22nd September  Autumn Hunter Trials  Results
Sun 13th October  Arena Hunter Trials  Results
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"Thankyou for a wonderful hunter trials yesterday, a fun day for all, very well organised! Love the new manege!"  (Angharad Rees)