Bridleways in

Gower and Swansea

In the 3 square kilometres surrounding the club field there are just three public bridleways!
There are just 70 miles of public bridleway in the City and County of Swansea, on which members of the public have the right to ride a horse, walk or ride a pushbike. In contrast there are over 300 miles of public footpaths which are only accessible on foot. One aim of The British Horse Society (BHS), Gower Riding Club (GRC) and the Bridleways Group, Swansea and Gower Riders, is to increase the number of miles of off road riding routes open to horse riders.

If you know of any issues to existing bridleways, proposed new routes or threatened closures which we could help support, please let a committee member know.

The BHS County Access and Bridleways Officer for Swansea is Jenni Nellist. Jenni is very keen to discuss any matters concerning local bridleways and can be contacted on 07974 569407 or

In order to further support equestrian access in our area Jenni has set up a local Bridleways Group – Swansea & Gower Riders’ Group, for more information please contact Jenni at

Swansea Council’s Countryside Access Team are available on 01792 635230/635736 or email to report any obstructions to and unsafe ground on all routes – anything you consider to prevent your reasonable and safe passage, or to discuss access or define routes within the area. Swansea County Archive Office is available to check bridleways within the area and to research historical routes.